quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Kuschelgeisicht R U

Dear prince,

I don´t know how to start to write about us. I guess I look so corny when the theme is love.

Babe, I would like to know english better then I could dare being poetic. But what I feel for you seems to be the landscape that once I didnt see in anywhere else in the world but in Rio, Búzios.

It was a sunny day and for the first time in a long long hard work period we could enjoy the sea and have some hours off.

That day is unforgettable because was perfect. We was gether, the bliss was in profusion and we, secretly, we knew that we were living an unrepeatable moment.

I know every month that each hour I have with you is unrepeatable and it´s the closest I got to the word "bliss". You are exactly what I found after a long gap of self-understanding.

Obviously, it is scaring. To give what you are to somebody else is not an easy or fast task. It was getting so so so intense, lover, and in those days I was restless thinking that I could lose myself, my individuality or my sense of liberty.

No, lover, when I realized that like an austrian bird very bold you could fly away my heart felt desperate and I did experiment the worse part of loving someone: the lack of the presence, the lack of love.

Babe, I just can´t live or go on without your shining presence. What I say somebody else in love must had said before but I don´t care, it´s myself singing inside in this dark rainy night.

When I said I see great things for us is because now, for the first time, I did dare to say "us".

We are so young now, babe, we come from so different worlds. But I do believe somehow life prepared our meeting in the moment that I most needed.

The way you look to me and smile to me and hug me and feel safe with me. It´s bliss. I know that it´s bliss because we scarcely can be apart from each other.

For you that did show me what "bliss" means. For you that came from lands so so far. I give you my heart and my body - with the soul inside. Every breath that I take, and every moment I am awake... I wanna keep the flame, babe, infinite... it´s vast, it´s beautiful, will last!

Ich liebe dich, mein Kuschelgeisicht!

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